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Video Showing Horse and Cat’s Special Friendship Is Giving People All the Feels

TikTok user @rachelhammes started sharing videos of her animals, and boy, does she have a lot! She has cats, dogs, horses, and chickens. You would think each type of animal would stick with its own herd, but the home she set up has really allowed all of them to get along and even befriend each other. That’s why we’re obsessing over this unlikely best friend duo. 

In one of her videos, Rachel shares a montage of clips of her cat and horse. The caption reads, "Best Buddies." Turns out, this cat and horse are enamored with each other. You can clearly see that love from this TikTok. It's not just the two of them hanging, it's so much more than that! 

OMG! Did you see all the kisses the horse gave the cat?! On the ear and on the side of her face? We never would have thought these two would be so affectionate! 

“Congrats on making the cutest video I’ve seen all week,” said @_micky.babe_. It truly will be hard to top this adorableness! @rachel added, “This gave me the biggest smile!!!!” We love seeing friendships so strong, even from the ones you’d least expect! Another user asked, “Do u think the cat or the horse think they have a pet, or maybe both?” HA! The creator responded, “I think it goes both ways 😂.” Hey, there’s nothing wrong with your best friend also being your pet!

Are you ready for more videos of the most adorable BFF duo?! 

Aww! The cat’s trot toward going to see her BFF was so full of life! And then the horse couldn’t stop snuggling with the cat. “I’m gonna cry the horse is freaking petting the cat 😢,” said @Toska. SO perfect! 

And now, we’re wondering exactly what @Erin asked, “Do I need to get my cat a horse now?” Obviously, yes!