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Horse's Tender Cuddle Session With Her Mom Is Moving People to Tears

They might be a lot bigger than cats and dogs, but that doesn't mean that horses don't like to cuddle up to their owners! In a new TikTok video that was shared by @rubymayhammondx, you'll see just how strong the bond between horses and humans can be. 

In the clip, you'll see the horse, named Red, sweetly laying her head down on her mom's legs while making whinny noises, as if she's having some sort of intense dream. As the video continues, the love between the horse and her mom is just so apparent and beautiful.

Aww! What do you think she was dreaming about, as the caption asked? What a wonderful moment to capture on video. There's no doubt Red's mom will treasure it forever. With 2.8 million views, the tender interaction between the woman and the horse is even moving some people to tears. One commenter, @Tristan Bowen said, "If this doesn’t go absolutely viral, I’ve lost faith in the powers of social media." (Don't worry, it's getting there!)

Another TikTok user, @Cait noted, "Her lip dragging as her head falls 🥺. She’s so relaxed and feels so safe with you. This is the best thing I’ve seen ever in my life." And @Kate added, "We don't deserve the love and trust they give us, omg 🥺." People just can't get over the special bond these two share, and neither can we. 

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Here's another sweet video of Red and her mom that's just as moving as the first one.

This beautiful friendship is clearly going to last a lifetime!

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