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Horse's Determined Attempt to Visit Patients in a Dementia Unit Is the Sweetest Thing

Naughty animals are their own genre of comedy--it's already been proven. Still, every now and then a new video comes along that reminds us just why we love misbehaving critters. Take this gorgeous palomino paint horse, for example! 

As stunning as he is, his looks aren't what's stealing all of his mom's Tiktok followers. Her account, @maija.vance, is primarily dedicated to both of her horses now that this guy made a daring the dementia unit!

LMAO! This big guy is having the time of his life running from Mom, but judging by her caring sentiment at the end of the video, she may not be having as much fun.

By looks of the comments, it seems like many other horse owners, like @devynonearth, can relate to "the utter RAGEEEEE when one gets loose😩😩." Well yeah--now you have to go catch them! Still, it's hard not to get a laugh out of this particular situation. This palomino paint totally knows what he's doing! 

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"Ok but this is so sweet 🥺 he wants to go back to see his friends," wrote @becksm1026. He does! It sure doesn't hurt that they fed him carrots when he was there for a scheduled visit. We wonder if they recognize him through the windows this time! Like @brusselsgremlin said, "they mightve forgotten, but he hasnt." Oh man, we kind of feel bad for laughing!

Whether they remember him or not, though, we know there's some excitement going on inside that dementia unit. Commenter @haliemclean summed it up perfectly! "Nah they'll be loving it 😂," she said. "'LOOK JANET,THERES A HORSE OUTSIDE' ah Margaret, you're losing it😂." LMAO! That sounds like scene straight out of a sitcom!

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