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Horse and Dog's 'Sibling Rivalry' Is Making People LOL

Oh, how we love the classic tale of sibling rivalry. Who doesn't? It's something almost everyone can relate to. You'll always love your siblings deep down, but sometimes they can get on your last nerve. And it's not just us humans who feel this way. TikTok user @coops_herd's dog and horse have the same relationship as we do with our brothers and sisters. 

In a recent clip, the dog named Leia was minding her own business, laying down outside. But for anyone who has siblings, you know you can't relax alone. That's exactly what happened with Leia. Her horse sibling named Obi decided to bug Leia. You know, just part of the normal sibling rivalry routine! What this horse does to get under Leia's fur is hilarious and Leia's reaction is even better! Poor pup should've picked a better place to nap! 

LMAO! If this isn't the most relatable video we've seen, then we don't know what is! This clip seriously unlocked some memories we have of annoying our siblings while growing up. Lol, oops! "That sibling love😂," said @Kaylee Collins. As annoying as it might be, it's definitely coming from a place of love! 

@kstud3 commented, "Obi: I'm not touching you!'" Oh, how we've heard this game and played it plenty of times growing up. It's funny as a kid doing it to someone, but on the receiving end...good luck. If someone did that to us now, we'd have the same reaction as Leia! LOL!

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Another TikTok user, @masonandsimona, added, "Leia’s strut away took me out 😂." HA! We didn't even notice her strut the first time we watched the video! But after watching it again, we've confirmed it was definitely her sassy walk that warns Obi to not test her limits. 

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