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Video of Horse Enjoying Her Massage Gives Us Major Relaxation Vibes

Massages are nearly universally enjoyed. Whether you need to soothe an aching muscle or are just looking to relax, a good rub down can do magic. Unsurprisingly, our animal friends love massages too, though some express their relief more than others. 

For Prim, one of the horses at @ascione.farms, massages cannot come soon enough. Not only will she stand still so that the masseuse can do her work, but she also shows her gratitude throughout the experience. No wonder her caretaker started filming!

Okay, that looks like one good massage. Just look at all of Prim's stretches! If this doesn't show relaxation for horses, we don't know what does. In fact, this could count as relaxation for people, too! IDK about you, but we're nearly stretching ourselves. We're on the exact same page as @omaruna, who commented, "I felt those stretches right through the screen 🥰." Isn't it nice?

"It’s so rare to see them stretch like a cat like this!" @gladysmoon3 chimed in.
"She def loved it." While there's no arguing that Prim loved her massage, we had no idea horses tend not to stretch like this! Though now that we think about it, we've never seen any other horse stretch, either. Still, equine experts like commenter @sidley_j, know that "massaging and stretching is so important for horses!"

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 @Lauriefaithpresscott must've felt the same way, because she wrote, "ohhhh I might have to get [my horse] one now too." Do it! These majestic creatures deserve to be pampered and celebrated like any other companion animal, and a massage would be an awesome place to start. 

"She’s doing yoga while you give her a massage 😂" @puppytoesarethebest wrote. LMAO--she is! Those stretches are totally yoga-esque, and we're sure it feels just as satisfying. Don't believe us? Try out a stretch or two!

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