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Horse's Excited Reaction To Seeing Her Favorite Little Boy Is Simply Precious

Warning: this video will immediately bring ultimate joy into your life 10 times over. TikTok user @maple.nala.oliver shared an adorable clip of a young boy running over to say hi to his best friend. The video has over 2.8 million views and 301.4K likes, and it truly has stolen our hearts. We've never seen a love so pure!

The boy runs over to a fence where he says, "MayMay, come!" MayMay is his nickname for the horse named Maple. Maple looks up and neighs when she realizes who it is. She knew it was her favorite little boy, so she couldn't contain her excitement! You have to see her beautiful reaction. Now, if only our pets would greet us like this.

These two are the cutest best friends we have ever seen! The horse's excitement melted our hearts. And her little hop skip before going to see him! AWW! Have you ever seen an animal so ready to see a human?! "My heart just melted. This is love on a whole new level," commented @Elizabeth. "Love how the horse did a little dance before running to favorite human," added Osana Sutton.

@HeySunshine wrote, "Sorry to tell you this, but that’s her little boy not yours." And the creator responded with, "You are 💯 right! 🤣." At least he will be in good hands with Maple, and we're sure they will never get bored with each other! "This just made my whole day. Week. Month. Year!," another user said.

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"Their bond is beautiful," said @Tiffany Kelly. And that's a bond that will last forever. Now, we just patiently wait for an update video to see how they greet each other at the fence. Lucky for us, @maple.nala.oliver said we should expect one later today!

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