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Video of Horse Running to Greet Its Toddler Best Friend Is Melting Hearts

Children and animals have such a beautiful and unique bond. The way they both get excited when seeing each other is just adorable. Plus, animals are extra sweet and gentle when being around little ones. So this video between a toddler and the family's horse is no different. 

TikTok user @mrspaulmessens has been sharing clips of her toddler interacting with the horses they have and we've been in love ever since. One of her more recent videos shows her toddler at the fence waiting for the horse to come over. How the little boy calls over the horse and waits is absolutely precious and we just know this will be the perfect amount of cuteness start to your weekend! 

Aww! The boy was leaning up against the fence, waving the horse to come to him. And the horse did just that! Not with any ole trot. The horse was full-speed ahead coming to greet the toddler. The creator was right when she wrote "Pure Magic ✨," in the caption. 

@Tom Costa said, "Hang on little buddy I'm coming." Aww! The horse really was trying to come as fast as possible to his human! As @S Greene265 wrote, "Best part of the horse’s day." We believe it! They have such a special connection. Although, maybe the horse was expecting something else..."He's like, 'Where's the treat I ran for?' Lol," commented @claireday3331. Ha! The horse was definitely happy to see his human, but he was also expecting a little extra treat.

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Don't worry, the little boy ended up bringing treats on a different day. Check it out!  

@Ed Sutherland wrote, "Crazy how much they love carrots, way too cute! Baby horse whisperer." If there was any doubt that this horse loved the toddler, bringing him a treat will confirm it! 

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