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Horse Runs to Get Help From Human Mom After Finding a Sheep in Distress

Animals are a lot smarter than humans give them credit for. In fact, pets can be the biggest help during an emergency. Many pets have even saved their humans through some quick thinking when times are tough. Just take a look at one horse on TikTok, who’s receiving praise for alerting his owner that there was something seriously wrong on their land.

The horse’s owner knew there was something off when she heard her horse, Pete, “shouting” outside and went to investigate. As the video shows, poor Pete was really worked up when @beckypdc went outside, but it’s the way that he let her know that something was wrong that has people talking. 

What a good boy he is! With over 160,000 views, many people wrote that they were just plain old impressed. “The equine equivalent of Lassie! 👏” wrote one commenter, @longdogs123. “Smart and beautiful! 🐴,” @crazyhaze7 agreed. “I don’t even know any horses, but that horse is telling you something 🥰,” @Eleanorfairless14 chimed in.

It turns out that there was a sheep in trouble on the farm and Pete was there to the rescue. “She had lost her lamb,” and she “was shouting for it,” @beckypdc explained. “Pete was trying to help.” Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. @Beckypdc was able to go to the sheep and help her find her baby. “Lamb found,” @beckypdc wrote. 

But really the praise should go to Pete who made the save. Three cheers for you, Pete!