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Woman's Plea for Help in Finding Horse That Went Missing in Hurricane Ian Breaks Our Hearts

We have yet to see the full effects of Hurricane Ian, but as the storm rages on so many people are seeing their lives turn upside down. One woman in Fort Meyers, Florida is desperately trying to find her horse Rogue after he got separated from their family. And now she's shared a video on TikTok in hopes that someone will find him and bring him home. 

Mallory Wheeler (@malbucket) was clearly distraught in the video. "His pasture filled with 9ft of water and he’s gone," she wrote in the video's caption. 

"Hurricane Ian ripped through our town of Fort Myers," she continued in the caption. "I know he’s out there I just need everyone to be on the look out and spread the word! He’s the sweetest boy and doesn’t deserve this. He is tagged with a pink heart tag braided into his mane," she added. 

People in the comments section were determined to help Wheeler find her horse. "I hope you find him quickly," @expeditionhappiness_ wrote. "I've been so so worried about all of the ponies! Praying he gets back to you okay," @ifonlyheknewx added. "Word is spreading. I've seen your posts all over Facebook too. Any leads? I'm praying for you!" @farmlifehps chimed in. 

Wheeler responded that while she's had a few leads, "none have panned out yet." So here's hoping that by spreading the word, someone will find Rogue soon.

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