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Video of Horse Jamming Out to Tunes Is a Total Vibe

Have you ever thought about how powerful music can be? Music can remind us of a specific memory, person or event. There's always a song for whatever mood we're feeling. And if you're not in the best mood, music can even turn that around with only a few notes. Plus, our favorite songs can have us grooving our hearts out. So do you have any guesses on what music is like for animals? Well, TikTok user @amandatillman7 has an answer for you. 

This creator first posted a video of her horse dancing, but it was with music she added later on the app. She decided it was best to watch the video with the original sound. Thank goodness because it's so much better! You can actually see that the horse was jamming out to the music that was being played in the barn. He feels the beat and starts dancing to the music. Did we mention his moves are very impressive?! You don't want to miss this! 

Aww! He's totally rocking out to the song, not having a care in the world about what his dance moves might look like. At least his moves are good! He's got more rhythm than we do! LOL! "He's almost moving his head exactly to the music😂," commented @ella_naebeck. Seriously! He's actually moving to the beat better than most people. 

Another TikTok user, @MelissaandCarson, pointed out, "Moving his lips the same way the rest of us do while we mumble the lyrics that we don’t know 😂😂." LMAO! We didn't even notice his lips were moving until we read this comment so we went back to watch again and she's on point! His lips are definitely trying to utter out some of the lyrics.

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"Horse said, 'Ooooh this my jam😂😂," wrote @user8800188323729. LOL! He really was rocking out like it was his favorite song. @CallieFlynn added, "He knows a great song when he hears one. Get it, boy." In case he ever needed a walk-out song, this would be it!

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