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Video of Horse ‘Looking’ for Teenage Owner Who Passed Away Is Heartbreaking

Our hearts are breaking early this week after hearing about a family's loss. TikTok mom @sunkissedhealingco lost her daughter, and recently she shared how the family honors Hannah. Just as they do every year, they write little notes to Hannah. They put those notes into the ground and then plant perennials to add to her memorial garden. This story already has us tearing up, but there was one video in particular that made us really start crying. 

On what would have been Hannah's 18th birthday, her mom caught Hannah's horse and best friend acting a little unusual. “Her horse Jolene keeps looking to the woods where they spent hours upon hours sharing secrets,” the video text reads. The video shows Jolene looking toward the woods as if she knows Hannah is there waiting. This clip, which has over 1 million views, really makes us believe Jolene can sense Hannah. And hopefully, the whole family knows she’s there, too. 

We can’t imagine what this family is going through. And even Jolene. The poor horse was probably so devastated when her best friend was no longer there to play and share secrets in the woods. But this video goes to show Jolene knows Hannah will always be there. A reminder to any grieving family that their loved ones are still close by. 

“She’s visiting,😭 big hugs momma,” wrote @D Hawk. And Jolene knew she was visiting. Absolutely amazing! How do animals just know? @Lisaswinburne added, “I think your daughter is still in her happy place, looking after her best friend ❤️.” We couldn’t agree more! Another user really brought out all of our tears. The comment said, “They are sharing secrets, they will be together again in the future at the Rainbow Bridge.” Indeed, we believe they are.

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