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Horse Enjoys a Tasty 'McDonald's' Sweet Tea in Video We Absolutely Love

Nothing is more refreshing than a nice cold glass of sweet tea. It's the perfect thirst quencher that also gives a small caffeine kick. One horse discovered this wonderful drink, and now she loves to enjoy a nice tall glass of sweet tea on special occasions!

TikTok user @sarah_and_critters recently shared a video of her giving her horse sweet tea from McDonald's. The owner approaches the horse's stable with a cup full of the drink and offers it to her, which she gladly accepts. The video caption says, "Because she hasn't had a sweet tea lately," and we can tell she was clearly craving it! Check out he video to see how she drinks this tasty beverage.

OMG, she gulped that sweet tea down! This horse did not waste any time finishing her drink, and we are very impressed with the lack of spillage. No wasting sweet tea in this barn!

People in the comments are amazed by this horse's love for sweet tea. @elle.marie0707 said, "Never seen a horse drink out of a cup before! Impressive and very freaking cute," and commented, "I don’t know what impresses me more, the fact that horses can have a sweet tea or that they can drink from the cup. Satisfied with this content." It was truly a shock to see a horse drink out of a cup!

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Others made a few jokes about the similarities between themselves and this horse. @michmasharts commented, "But when I make these sounds while drinking at McDonalds, they ask me to leave!" and @darthnana68 said, "Now I know what I look like slurping down a McDonalds sweet tea." Everyone gets a bit carried away when they're drinking sweet tea!

As sweet tea lovers ourselves, we think this horse's reaction was totally justified, and we appreciate that she did not waste a single drop. A good girl like this should be getting sweet teas more frequently!

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