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Video of ‘Confused’ Horse Meeting Her Foal Reminds Us of Every First-Time Mom

Mamas, this one is for you. Meeting your baby for the first time is an experience unlike any other, but once the magic of the moment starts to wear off, many new moms are left in stressful–yet still joyful– confusion.

One TikTok equestrian, @charlottejameseventing, recorded these funny first moments between mom and foal. Mother Moonbat the horse had just welcomed Buzz into the world, though her motherly instincts had yet to kick in. And that's okay! Both the original poster and Moonbat's owner @J.A.D.E were right by her side to help, but luckily for us, they got the horse's confused reaction, too. 

Moonbat's reaction to her foal's first movements is super cute and funny, but also incredibly relatable. Having a baby is a huge deal no matter what species you are, and between the adrenaline and exhaustion lie a whole lot of feelings...including confusion! 

Commenter @thatbarnbetch can relate. She wrote, "I felt the same way for a minute after I had my daughter 😂". Surely she's not the only one!

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Other users couldn’t help but wonder what the new momma was feeling, including “she like what the heck is this .....oh it mine”. If that wasn’t funny enough, even men could understand Moonbat’s look of panic. Viewer @isaacbr0wn commented, “She was like, what should I do with this 😂.” 

Honestly, though, the rush of emotions and confusion in new parenthood knows no limits of gender, age, or even species, especially when a new parent makes a face like Moonbat did at the end of the video. With her eyes wide as she looks at her humans, @equestbunny20 summed it all up: “It’s like, where is the handbook on this. Shock and pure love.” It sure is!

A few commenters had a slightly different take on the situation, thinking Moonbat simply needs a moment before taking on motherhood duties: “Wheres my nanny,” joked @quartersincrime.  

"I ain’t getting up I just pushed it out 😂" @charlottejameseventing (the original poster) replied. Truthfully, if we were in Moonbat's position we'd feel the same way. No judgment here, girl!

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