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Horse's Gentle Reaction to Meeting Newborn Baby Is Absolutely Beautiful

There are some videos that you never forget. Like a recent clip shared onto TikTok, which shows a newborn baby girl meeting her mama's horse for the very first time. The footage is oh-so special and we just know this TikTok creator feels the same way too. 

It was a one-of-a-kind meeting, so we totally understand why TikTok creator Cheryl Miller (@cherylmiller85) wanted to capture it on camera. The video shows Miller holding her baby girl in her arms as she brings her to see her horse King for the first time. Take a look for yourself!

The scene is quiet, as Miller patiently allows King to give baby girl a nuzzle. "Wrenley meets King," the video's caption reads. 

The video has since been watched over 140,000 times online and people were in love. "Absolutely precious!" @jennb6907 wrote in the comments section. "The top of baby’s head puts off pheromones. I guess horses dig it as well as women! So sweet and gentle," @screaminmimi1 pointed out. "He’s like I heard your heartbeat before it’s so nice to smell and meet you," @corteztammy added. "Horses.... THEY KNOW A BABY human or animal," @chitownfamily03 pointed out. 

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This wasn't the first meeting between Wrenley and the horses that has stolen people's hearts. A video showing Wrenley meeting James Deen (the horse) has also racked up thousands of views online. 

So magical! This is exactly how you raise an animal lover. We just know that Wrenley is going to have the best home movies to look at when she grows up. 

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