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Horse's Reaction to Mom Returning After Getting Stuck in Florida Is Just Delightful

No one likes being separated from their loved ones for long periods of time, especially when there is an unexpected issue that causes the separation. However, the reunions after time apart are always magical and can make the wait worth it. One horse knows the feeling of a long overdue reunion and that moment captured in this viral video is delightful.

TikTok user @circus.unicorn recently shared a video of her reunion with her horse, Marengo, after the duo was apart for two weeks due to Hurricane Ian. Check out the lovely reunion between Marengo and his mom in the video below!

Awww, this is so cute! It's so heartwarming to witness such a beautiful connection between a human and an animal. We can tell Marengo really missed his mom and was thrilled to have her back home!

People in the comments were amazed at Marengo's reaction to seeing his mom. @topdown487 said, "The reaction the horse had when he saw her was total love and trust. This was beautiful, it made me cry." Another user, @patriciaoutlaw741, commented, "Glad you two got back to each other. That gorgeous baby LOVES spending time with you." We can't imagine what Marengo would do if his mom was gone for much longer!

Others thought this horse was gorgeous. @catnielson commented, "Beautiful horse! So smart!" and @jak.buster said, "Beautiful, he likes to dance." Marengo truly is a one of a kind horse with his big heart, smarts, and good looks!

We know Marengo was looking forward to this since the day his mom went on her trip, and it seems like the reunion lived up to his expectations. Hopefully, his mom doesn't plan on going anywhere without him for a while, because Marengo can't stand more time apart! 

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