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Video of Horse Getting a Sparkle Manicure Has Us Calling the Salon ASAP

Who doesn't like to get their nails done? Sometimes all you really need to relax is to get a mani/pedi. Just like one horse on TikTok, who looked like a whole new person — um, horse— after getting an extra-special manicure recently. And believe us when we say that this video might just inspire your next trip to the nail salon. 

It's clear that the horse's owner had a vision when she bought the sparkle concoction, but no one could have predicted how good her horse's hooves would look when she was done. "New nails!!!!" @littlelassridealone wrote in the video's text overlay. The footage shows the owner putting the glittery hoof oil on her horse and when you see the results you might be just a little bit jealous. 

The video has since been watched over 4 million times, proving that this "material girl" has tons of fans. "The loving pat at the end is my favorite part," @milkyquartz0420 joked. "WHERE ARE THE HOT PINK NAILS WE NEED HOT PINK NAILS," @tt.luna wondered. "Just got my nails doooone how are theeey?" someone else joked. Although someone else compared the new look to "My Little Pony" and we'd have to agree. So magical! 

But perhaps the owner was just preparing her horse for an upcoming photoshoot. As another video on her page shows, the horse had to be camera ready to get their portrait taken. 

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We totally get it. When it comes time for professional shots, you always want to look your best. Now excuse us while we go book a nail appointment.

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