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Horse's Cute Reaction to Getting a New 'Kong' Toy Couldn't Be Any Sweeter

As kids, we all loved getting new toys from our parents. It was an exciting moment, and we always spent too much time playing with the toy right after we got it. One horse is experiencing this same joy with the awesome toy he got from his owner.

TikTok user @adonisantics recently shared a video of her horse, Adonis, reacting to his brand new toy, a Kong Wubba. This is toy usually given to dogs, but Adonis seems to be loving it nonetheless! Check out the video to see this horse's awesome reaction to his gift.

Awww, we are so happy that Adonis is loving his new toy! He is such a good boy, it's only fitting that he's showered with new toys. We're glad his owner understands this!

People in the comments joked that Adonis is really just a very large puppy in his heart. @coffeeislife92 said, "Dog toy for a big doggo," and @lauri.row commented, "I swear that's a dog and a horse costume." This horse just knows the value of a great toy and won't let it go to waste!

Others joked that Adonis could do some damage with that toy! @sarahjanepearson commented, "Watch out, Sarah, you know he's got a great aim when swinging his toys!" and @tionne_jade said, "Counting how long it takes to find a casualty from his swinging." It seems like Adonis might have a history of reckless playtime, but we're sure he's learned his lesson and won't hurt anyone this time!

It's so sweet that Adonis's owner spoils him with love, toys, and play time. We love that he was so excited about his toy—this probably made his whole week! Have a great time, Adonis.

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