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Horse's Struggle To Figure Out New Toy Has All Of TikTok Laughing

Some horses really are as elegant and majestic as they appear in films and TV...and then there's Squidward. This crazy girl makes up for in personality what she lacks in brains, and we adore her exactly as she is. So does her owner @haydenkristal and their 645.8 thousand followers--let's just say there's a reason this horse has gone viral yet again!

Miss Squidward has been nursing a leg injury and is unfortunately confined to a small stall to keep her from running, but Hayden is determined to make the best of it. Not only has her equine buddy gotten a new hairdo and a pen makeover, but now she's trying out a brand new toy! Although the word 'trying' might be a bit of a stretch...

Oh, Squidward, (fantastic name for a horse, BTW) please never change. Some may see moments like this as a sign of weakness or, well--thoughtlessness, but we see it as a skill. Just like @manentail commented, "It takes some talent to get hurt in safety jail 🤦🏻," and Squid definitely has that talent.

If you haven't gathered it from the video and its comments, this horse is not particularly graceful. She's known for her klutzy antics and ability to get injured just about anywhere, so we don't know how no one saw this coming. "You thought flying toys with carrots as spears was ok??" wrote @fhajdkh. "Have you MET this horse??? 😂😂." LOL!

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In an odd way, many viewers could relate to Squidward's struggle. "This is exactly how I would describe IBS. My food attacks me too. 😂," joked @mslicksalot. If that isn't relatable AF we don't know what is. 

Clearly, we don't have enough Squidward in our lives. If you feel the same way, you'll definitely want to give @hayden.kristal a follow to keep up with her horse's recovery (and stupidity)! If you do, you'll be in for more videos like this:

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