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Video of Horse Happily Playing With a Ball Is the Picture of Pure Joy

When we think of horses, we tend to think of their majestic features. They walk around with their heads held high like royalty. Plus, they're so sweet. We tend to think of them as calm creatures too. But just like any animal, they can get in playful moods. One farmer even captured the cutest moment of a horse playing and we're obsessed. 

TikTok farmer @susanbrunnerwende posted a clip of a horse looking at someone on the other side of the fence. That person just so happened to be holding onto a big ball, which the horse was clearly focused on. He was more than ready for the ball to be thrown. LOL! And when the person does throw it, pure joy takes over the horse's body. Your heart will melt as you watch his happiness!  

Aww! You can't help but smile as this horse is having the time of his life. Who knew horses got some version of the zoomies? We absolutely didn't know that! But now that we do, we're going to need much more of this kind of content. And we're going to need it ASAP! 

We agree with @N8tvebeauty78 who wrote, "Aww what a sight to see happy boy." Right?! It's so beautiful to see animals in happy moods like this. "Perfect match of video and music!" said @takabrk. Seriously though! It looked like the horse was purposely playing with the ball to the beat of the music. Ha! 

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TikTok user @mommy7111 asked a very important question, "What do you think he will do if he pops it? 😳😂😂." Ugh, we'd hate to see him pop it. But as it turns out, it wouldn't be the first time. The creator responded by saying, "He popped the blue ball and he was so so sad. We'll replace it..." See? A simple fix! Hopefully, the farm has many backups because he might need it! 

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