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Horse's Excitement Over Seeing His Girlfriend Gives Us All the Feels

We all have that one person, or maybe a couple, that we get so giddy about seeing them. You're so excited that you can't control your emotions. And the only thing bigger than your emotions is the hug you give them when you see them in person.

Well, as it turns out, animals aren't so different from us after all. We know this because of a recent clip from TikTok user @lopeshorses. The clip shows a male horse's reaction as he "girlfriend" is coming to hang out. It's so precious and oh-so relatable! 

Aww, this clip put the biggest smile on our faces. He truly couldn't wait any long for his girl to be there. And even when she was there, he was still jumping for joy. He couldn't believe it! 

@kikalarue commented, "Thats why he wears the stars CAPE? Getting his most fancy for his lady, awww." Oh you better believe that's what he's doing. He has to dress to impress! Why can't the men in our life dress up for us? LOL!

"That girl got a whole man waiting for her to come visit and I can't even get a text back," wrote @she_lives_in_wonderland. HA! Well, did you see that horse? She's absolutely beautiful. We bet all the male horses are waiting for her to come visit. @ellievslife said, "Well, we know who's the boss in that relationship." TRUE!  

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