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Horse's Reaction to Seeing Owner Returning From Work Is Just the Best

Can you name any moment more special than coming home to a warm welcome? Whether that's with a significant other, children or your pets. Any of those running to greet you at the door with a big hug or slobbery kisses can really make you feel like royalty. You might even get all three! But even if you have all three, we have a feeling this video from TikToker @antares702 will be better than that. 

This creator decided to film what it's like to return home from work. It's not what you'd expect with opening the door to a four-legged bestie running over. Instead, the clip starts in the car. As it turns out, the TikToker's horse knows her car. What?! So any time she pulls up the driveway, next to the horse's area, this horse notices. You'll fall in love with this clip as you see the gentle beauty putting two and two together and realizing who was home. 

Aww, how beautiful is this?! He really knew it was her car and immediately started running towards her. She must feel so special and loved because that's the best way to be greeted after a long day at work. "The way he stood still like he couldn't believe it was you 😂," wrote @Vickie Howells. SO cute! 

The horse really did know her car. And for that, we have to agree with @seonghwas_hot_chocolate's comment. It says, "That is a reason to buy the same car over and over again😂." LMAO! That's so true! We'd never ever want to confuse that horse. 

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Not only are we jealous, but several TikTok users are also sharing their jealous feelings in the comment section. "I'd like a human to react when I get home from work😂," said @ruthie461974. Don't we all! The creator responded, "This is your sign to get a horse." Well then, so no more! Another pet added to our list. LOL! "I will have this one day," added @elisaabertolino. We too will be manifesting this from now on. Hopefully that one day will be sooner rather than later!

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