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Horse’s Response to Realizing Mom Left His Side Is Too Sweet to Miss

We all know a mama's boy (or maybe even are one), but this sweet foal takes attachment to a whole new level. When @katievanslyke noticed that Johnny, a colt who's attached to his mom at the hip, had been left behind while she grazes elsewhere, she just knew she had to film. And we're so glad she did! 

This little horse’s reaction to being left behind is absolutely priceless. He’s clearly not happy about it, and what he does in response is just priceless. Even Katie, who’s filming, can’t help but laugh! Take a look for yourself.

The way he trotted up to his mama is just too cute! What a sassy little stinker! “He looked like he was throwing a fit while going to her! 😂.” wrote @khristihollingsworth. Everything from his stomps and trots to the way he tosses his head has an air of pure innocence. Oh to be a foal with no problems in the world except catching up to Mom...

Much to no one’s surprise, “it didn’t take long 😂” for the horse to realize his mama was grazing elsewhere, just like @chatterboxes4jesus said. That pause he takes to spot her and process the situation has us absolutely dying. We remember what it’s like to lose our mom at the store as a kid! 

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One of the cutest things about Johnny's tantrum is his expressive tail. Though "horses don’t use their tails to communicate as much as dogs do," as @sarah_mcg93 pointed out in a comment's reply, many viewers (including us) thought it was darling nonetheless. 

“His little tail going all crazy wagging. 😂.” commented @elissaminer9421. It certainly does seem like his tail is as expressive as the rest of him, but, even if it’s just swatting flies, we’re still loving it.

We wish we’d gotten to see Mama’s reaction as Johnny trots up, though we can only imagine what’s going through her mind. “His mama is thinking, darn you, Katie, I was getting my break til you sent him back lol 😂,” @jsadkl wrote. Honestly, though, the fact that she walked away from Johnny while he was snacking makes us think you may be right. We hope you get a break, girl! 

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