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Woman Believes Her Horse Is the Reincarnated Spirit of Her Late Best Friend

TikTok user @haleysmith173 lost her best friend when she was 22 years old. She said the two of them shared such a special bond that she knew they’d be back together one day. And that one day came about a year and a half later, in an unexpected way. 

Haley's new horse immediately became her "soul horse" as she likes to say. She felt that their bond was more than a girl and her horse, which was confirmed later on when she went to a medium. The medium told Haley that her best friend was reincarnated into her horse. And we absolutely believe it! From the video she posted with her horse running toward her, you can see that it's more than just a run. That's a BFF running to see their long-lost friend! 

Wow! The energy is coming straight through our screen. This is clearly more than a girl and her horse. One commenter, @anticontentqueen said, “OMG The way she skips to you!! I can feel her BFF energy towards you ❤️.” That’s seriously the happiest run we’ve ever seen! Haley said in the comments her horse does this every single time, too. 

“They say if you reincarnate into an animal, you’ve mastered unconditional love in your past life,” wrote @mandycole7755. Aww! And now she’s getting unconditional love all over again from her BFF! 

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The creator is very strong and already believes if the horse passes, her friend will come back for her again. She wrote in the comments, "When she was still alive she would say, 'Hales, how is it that our souls were made from the same star?' Our bond was always different. Telepathic even so I believe as long as I’m living, she will be with me in some shape or form ❤️." That's so beautiful! And it makes us wonder if any of our pets are someone we knew before. 

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