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Horse's Reaction to Being Reunited With His Mom After 3 Years Is So Emotional

TikTok horse @adonisantics has had a very tough week, as well as his owner. Adonis's brother, unfortunately, was euthanized because of a tumor that caused severe pain for him. Surgery was not in the cards because he wouldn't have survived, the creator said. So after losing his brother, Adonis was down in the dumps. Understandably so. 

Adonis's owner, also grieving, knew there had to be something she could do to cheer him up. What better way to cheer anyone up than the love from a mother? Because as you might know, a mother's touch can really turn around any rainy day. So that's exactly what this owner did for Adonis. She brought his mother to him and the reunion is too perfect for words!

Aww! Is this not the sweetest thing you've ever seen?! Adonis and Nirvana were reunited after three years. That's a very, very long time apart. And now, they never have to be separated again because the owner actually bought Nirvana. What?! That's absolutely amazing and they're reunited forever! "So happy Adonis and Nirvana are together again! 💕💕," commented @rahrah1491. Us too! We bet they'll be spending every waking moment together to make up for the lost time. 

Another TikTok user, @braby2020, said, "Momma, you hail from greatness. This reunion is so thoughtful and full of ❤️." Yes! What a beautiful gesture to do. We can't imagine the hurdles this mom went through to pay for Nirvana and bring them together again. But we're SO thankful she did it!

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This mom was counting down the days for Adonis until his big surprise. We don't think he necessarily knew what she was talking about until the final day when the trailer arrived. @Dizzy Antelope said, "He completely understood what you were saying, 'My mom's on that trailer?!' 😳😯💗." Oh, yes! He must've had a feeling something good was coming after that countdown! And did you see his reaction when Nirvana finally came over to him? "His eyes sparkled," @Ladyandtheblues pointed out. AW!! We hope this reunion can help mend his broken heart! 

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