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Horse's Reaction to Being Reunited With Former Caretaker Is Touching Hearts

Do you have one of those friends that you might not see or talk to for months at a time, but when you do catch up it's as if nothing changed? They're the best type of friends to have, especially because lives get so hectic that if you don't see each other, it's not the end of the world. In fact, when you finally get to reunite, it's that much sweeter. Well, do we have a relatable friendship reunion for you! 

TikTok account @greatbritishracing shared a video of one ex-racing horse being reunited with his caretaker from his racing days. It's how you'd expect someone to react after seeing a long-lost friend. He starts getting excited when he spots her from down the road, but wait until you see how he greets her! 

Aww! The horse was so elated! He even started moving his face up and down when he saw that the caretaker was down the street. But it's hilarious when the caretaker goes in for the hug because the horse was a little upset it's been so long since they were together. LOL. 

One TikTok user, @gareity commented, "Pushed her like 'WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!'" But that slight upset-ness didn't last long. Because well, how could you hold a grudge over one of your best friends?! 

It's honestly amazing how animals remember people. And then to have a special connection is so heartwarming. @MissCsmith said, "Horses never forget the good and bad people in their lives." @Janis Cronin added, "Animals 100% have a connection with people. I love these types of videos, they're just so nice ❤️." If an animal loves someone this much, you know that person has a good heart and treated them so great. 

Now, let's hope these two don't go that long without seeing each other again!