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Video of Horse Saying Final Goodbye to Beloved Dog Friend Has Us Sobbing

The hardest part of having a pet isn't the constant cleaning or the sacrifices of your time. It's when they leave this life that we truly learn the meaning of heartbreak. 

For @kaysways, an animal rescuer and TikTok user, she wasn't the only one grieving when her beloved dog, a Chocolate Labrador named Trigger, passed away. Her chestnut brown horse--and Trigger's best friend--BJ, spent over an hour saying goodbye to his buddy when the day came. Kay caught part of the beautiful and heartbreaking moment on film to share with her followers, and now all of TikTok is sending its love. Let's just say, you can add us to the list. 

Aww, BJ--we wish we could comfort him somehow! It was very considerate of Kay to include him so that he would understand where his friend has gone, but it doesn't take away any of the pain. Like @honeyb025 said, Trigger's passing is "heart shattering" for everyone who loved him.

"They say dogs live short lives because they already know what love is while it takes our whole lives to truly know it, but little does the world know," wrote commenter @datdudeinpa. OK, now we're reaching for the tissues! That's such a beautiful thought, and there is zero doubt in our minds that Trigger was (and still is) fiercely loved. 

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We love this comment from @nani_that_bicth, who can see BJ's sadness as clearly as we can. "And people wanna say that animals don’t have feelings," she said. "My condolences, I wish you happy healing." That goes for both BJ and Kay! We can't imagine what they must be going through, but we're so happy they have each other. 

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