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Video of Horse Getting Scared by His Own Fart Is Absolutely Priceless

Despite their large size, horses can be skittish and jumpy. This may not be great news for their riders, but it can make for one hilarious TikTok video. Just ask @madisonlrose1, who learned this first-hand when her horse scared himself in the most innocent way.

Yep--her silly horse scared himself with a good ol' fart, and we totally feel bad for laughing. It sounds like she wasn't injured from the fall, though, so it was a pretty funny moment, all-in-all. 

LMAO! We're so glad that Madison wasn't hurt when her horse jumped, but we'd be lying if we said this wasn't funny AF. Who hasn't been startled by a fart at least once in their lives?

"At this point I'm actually wondering how horses haven't naturally selected themselves off the planet," joked commenter @shiitidoknoweverything. Haha! It's true that horses get spooked by the most random things, but at least we can appreciate it, right? 

We got a good chuckle out of @ashstevens1995's comment. She wrote, "LOL I'm so sorry for laughing but the way he had the nerve to look at you like that after throwing you. Like bud." It's so true! He seemed nearly offended that she was on the ground--as if he hadn't thrown her there himself. 

We may not understand this horse's exact thought process, but we can appreciate it nonetheless. We'll leave you with this golden tidbit from @festiverollover for one last giggle: "At least the horse was doing something physical. My coworker sat down, farted on impact and screamed out of panic." Well--who hasn't?

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