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Horse's Comical Reaction to Being Offered a Carrot Has Us Smiling From Ear to Ear

Carrots might be the most stereotypical snack for horses, but that doesn't mean they're overrated in the slightest. Just ask this guy! He's obsessed with carrots and will do just about anything to get one, including cracking a big, cheesy grin. Snack time is our favorite time, too, so when we saw this horse we understood exactly how he was feeling. 

@Breanna_soligny had the honor of filming this adorable moment (and giving this big goofball a treat), and we're so jealous! It's no surprise at all that TikTok is just loving him--you'll love him, too!

What a cutie pie! The personality on this gorgeous chestnut horse is next level, and we are living for it. Clearly, Breanna is, too, and the happiness these two are sharing is just the sweetest. We want in!

"He says 'I've been a good boy!'" @redlohj commented. We can't help but agree! That's exactly what his smile seems to be saying, too. It's so cute how he knows just when to give some "cheese for the carrot😁," as @ivysher wrote. We wonder if this pose is something he's practiced, but it almost doesn't matter. It's just too precious!

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@Deweyjenkins made a wonderful point when they said, "horses have personalities as individual and varied as the people who take care of them." Isn't that the truth? With performance sports like equestrian and racing, it can be easy to forget that the athletes are animals just like all others! "We call them animals but we shouldn't..." @flycum shared. "They are friends..."

They absolutely are. It can be easy to forget how much animals touch our lives until it happens to you, and then things are never the same! Commenter @jgood2all knows exactly what we're talking about. He can practically read this horse's smile. "This is the ULTIMATE…'me me me ME!'" he wrote. LOL--it really is, though!

We really hope Breanna posts more of this sweet horse, but until then, these 17 seconds are enough to keep us going.

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