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Video of Horse Enjoying a Swim in the River Is Making Everyone Smile

This summer heat wave has been a brutal one for us all. It's so bad that you don't even want to step outside and if you do, be sure to lather up that sunscreen and take a dip in the pool. The only thing worse than the heat is having our animals go through it too. We can't even imagine what it feels like with all that fur covering their bodies. But luckily there are tricks to keep them cool that most of the time include water. 

You likely thought of dogs swimming in pools when we mentioned animals cooling off. But the water isn't just for dogs. TikTok user @ashliwilliams_ decided to take her horse to the river for some water time and well, it's the best thing ever! If you ever needed to know the sound of happiness, this is it! 

Aww! The horse is having the time of his life! Are we sure he's not part fish? LOL! We can only imagine how hard it might be for the owner to get him out because he loves it so much. The creator wrote in the comments, "River time is his favorite time. When we roll up, he tries to drag me into the water 😂." O.M.G. That's absolutely incredible! 

Another TikTok user, @355nooch, said, "The sound of pure contentment. 😌." YES! In case you weren't sure what happy horses sound like, this is it! @stormsworld01 added, "It feels so good! The water takes all the pressure off the joints! Literal “heaven”! 💕 I have the same reaction when I get in the water!" It's true! They say swimming is one of the best exercises you can get. So not only is this horse having fun, he's relaxing and building his muscles.  

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Do you know what's better than one horse playing in the water? Two horses! Check them out!

Oh, the things we would do to be in the water with them! This is a dream we didn't even know was possible! "You've made me love horses," said @virginiav11. Not that we didn't before, we just love them even more now! 

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