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Horse's Reaction to Mom Buying Him Tic Tacs Is Making People Smile

When it comes to breath-freshening mints, Tic Tacs are a crowd favorite--the orange ones, especially! We are never surprised to meet someone who's obsessed with these delicious mints, but this Tic Tac fan actually caught us off guard: he's a horse named Adonis!

This silly equine has his own TikTok account, @adonisantics, to celebrate his outgoing personality, and it's easy to see why. Each of his videos are downright hilarious! Folks are particularly fascinated with his love for orange Tic Tacs, though--who wouldn't be?

LMAO! This horse was not messing around. As soon as he heard the mint bottle rattle, he made a beeline straight for them. We're just so glad that he liked them, too, though it's hard to find someone who actively dislikes orange Tic Tacs. Or 'ticcy tacs,' as this horse's owner called them. Just like @melissadanielle04 said, "They will forever be called ticcy tacs now! 🥰."

"Love it," @katie_s_7 commented on the video. "To be fair, I’m the same way with the orange ones." That's relatable AF! Those are clearly the superior Tic Tacs, anyway. Even Adonis's mom agreed, "They're so good 🥰."

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Still, it's wild to think about a different animal enjoying the same tastes we do, but it turns out that it's not that unusual! Commenter @itsitchy asked, "Do horses taste things in the same way we do? Salty, sweet, sour, etc," and we were so fascinated by the answer. 

"Yes," @adonisantics responded, "For the most part they do 🥰." We think that's so cool! It must help vets and horse owners to find new, tasty treats for these animals, but now we're left wondering--how did scientists figure this out?

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