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Horse's Reaction to Being Offered a Toy Ball Is So Precious We Can't Even

The excitement over a new toy is a universal phenomenon. People, dogs, and even horses will understand the hype. Just ask Phoenix the Cremello horse! This happy boy is taking TikTok by storm for his reaction to a new toy ball, and we completely get why. He's just too cute!

Not only is this pure white horse incredibly striking--from his baby blue eyes to his almost pink skin tone--but he's got the personality to match. No wonder his owner, Scott (who goes by @stangguy07 on TikTok), has practically dedicated his account to Phoenix! If we were him, we'd be doing the exact same thing. 

What a happy guy! We can practically feel his anticipation for his new toy at the beginning of the clip, and we weren't the only ones. 

"Honestly my favorite part of these videos is him waiting and looking eagerly over the gate I love his lil face," commented @wilddragonflying. Isn't it just the best? It reminds us of a dog's intense stare of anticipation before receiving a treat, but that's not where the similarities end. 

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@_Jax_creations_ said, "that is the biggest puppy I’ve ever seen," and we couldn't agree more. The way he runs and plays looks just like a happy pup! We wouldn't be surprised if Phoenix even had a dog friend he's picked up his mannerisms from. Either way, t's just so precious!

Even if he's never met a dog in his life, this horse has enough energy to go around. From "his excited ears!❤️❤️😁" that @allereymoffett noticed, to his hops, skips, and jumps while playing, almost everything about this scene shows just how happy and energized he is. Honestly, we're kind of jealous!

Until we can get this same kind of energy from our coffee, we'll be living vicariously through Phoenix. @Zach_his summed it up perfectly when he said, "pony enrichment is officially my new favorite thing." We could watch for hours! 

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