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Video of Rescue Horse Waiting at the Window for Mom Each Morning Is Too Precious

There’s really nothing more wonderful than when a rescue animal realizes they’re finally safe, secure, and in the care of people who love them. And while getting used to their new environment can be an adjustment, when they finally do settle into their routines, it’s a beautiful thing. One rescue horse, in particular, has gotten so comfortable in his new home that he even patiently waits at the window for his human mom in the morning.

The horse is named Hogan, and his mom shared a recent video of him on her TikTok channel, @angel_appleton, which gives us a peek into how he starts his day. Captioned with, “Hogan’s rainy Monday morning routine,” it’s hard not to feel ALL the feels after seeing this sweet boy’s face, standing there waiting for her.

OMG. Could he be any sweeter? And how about the fact that he was attempting to tell her that she was taking too long and that he was getting all wet? Just priceless! It’s so wonderful to see Hogan thriving in his new home, and it’s clear that his mom absolutely adores him. 

People who watched the clip can’t get enough of this precious horse. @Tamrin Breeno Fagerl said, “What a personality!” The creator, Angel, replied with, “I wish I could explain how amazing it’s been watching him develop this personality. He was so broken when I got him to this funny silly lovey boy 🥰🐴.” (Again, ALL the feels.)

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Another commenter, @lorikennedy101 added, “He knew momma would take care of him.” Oh, he did, indeed! And @Gerald noted, “You two have such a beautiful connection 🥰.” They certainly do!

But it was one TikTok user, Dallas6213, who said what we’re all thinking after watching this video: “Can’t wait to see his new jacket.” Neither can we! So far, Angel has yet to post a clip of Hogan wearing it. But we’ll keep our eyes peeled for future rainy day updates! 

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