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Horse's Comical Reaction to Seeing Mom's Boyfriend Is the Definition of Cuteness

When you're an animal owner and get into the dating scene, one requirement has to be that your pet likes your partner. Why? Obviously because pets come first. LOL! And we think it's safe to safe TikTok user @synnovesjo's boyfriend is a keeper based on this video. 

Her boyfriend came over and they went into the stables to see her horse. The TikToker decided to film because a hilarious thing happens every single time her horse sees the boyfriend. And in this particular clip, the horse even left her food to it. Get ready to both laugh and melt away from the cuteness!

Aww! So nice of this TikToker to get her horse a boyfriend. LOL! Clearly that's her boyfriend now and not the creator's. You just can't deny the love they have for each other. And not everyone gets back sratches from their partners so this horse should consider herself lucky!  

@abigaildavis9546 wrote, "That's true love to leave food 😳." Right?! Not many animals would do this. Heck, our dogs don't even do this for us. LOL! 

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As it turns out, horses love these scratches. Several TikTok users commented about how they get roped into scartching their horses every time now. @chuwanningsimp said, "I did the same to my horse and now I regret it so bad. Every time I visit her she always turns around and I have to scratch the back of her thigh 😭." Aww! We're sure owners don't mind though. These gentle giants deserve it! 


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