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Horse's Sweet Way of Asking for a Hug Is a Total Timeline Cleanse

You've most likely seen dogs and cats using buttons to communicate with their owners. For instance, a dog might step on the button to tell their owner they have to go outside. Or what we think is more likely the case is that they use the button to ask for a treat. LOL! What we haven't seen before is a horse using buttons to communicate. That is until TikTok user @shehorse

This TikTok account is dedicated to showing users how she is trying to teach her horse to speak. And honestly, it's amazing! In her latest video, she kept asking her horse if she wanted to go for a walk. That's a simple question, right? All the horse needs to say is yes or no. But the horse clearly didn't want to go on a walk. What she asked for instead is the absolute sweetest thing. Your heart will melt! 

Aww! This sweet angel just wants a hug and some scratches. Oh sorry, we mean scritches. LOL! And you can tell how much the horse loved both. Her face says it all! @MissDeltaGirl wrote, "The lip quiver when they are getting scratched. Gets me every time. 💕." We've never noticed that before on horses but it's sooo cute! This owner even brought out a special kind of glove to give her scratches. It's called a grooming glove and apparently this horse only wants scratches with those gloves now. LOL! 

"No exercise mom, just some pampering pls 💜," commented @youmeandthetea. Sounds like us! We never want to exercise. But we'll take all the hugs and scratches anytime, anywhere. @Kimberly Tafiti said, "She just wanted loves today. So sweet. She deserves 10 hugs!" That's the minimum amount of hugs she needs!

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Another TikTok user, @jamesmacroy2897, added, "Idk why but this made me emotional. It’s so beautiful that she is able to communicate with you ❤️ and you can give her the affection back." Right?! We got emotional too! Maybe it's because we know how nice it is to feel love. It's something we all crave, horses included! 

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