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Horse's Reaction to Being Asked If He Was a 'Good Boy' Is Just Too Precious

We can ask questions and talk to our pets all day long, but do you think they ever fully understand what we’re saying? Most of the time, they just stare back at us wondering what's going on. And somehow our demands only seem to work when we have a treat in our hands. LOL. But on occasion, there are those few animals who make us believe they can actually comprehend what we're saying or asking.

TikTok user @rueruefroo shared a clip of herself talking with a horse. She asked him if he was a good boy during his bath, and his reaction is just downright ADORABLE. The caption reads, "He’s not modest … but he is very polite ♥️.” Hey, for being that cute, he doesn’t need to be modest. It's just his confidence speaking! Wait until you see what he does.

Those are the biggest head nods we've ever seen! There was no doubt in his mind that he was a good boy during bath time. And that obviously means he needs a treat or two, or a handful! 

TikTok users are saying this horse deserves more than just a carrot, and we completely agree. One carrot for being the best boy, another for getting his bath and five extra ones for being so adorable and intelligent! "2 carrots 🥕 I was good and I’m handsome😂," commented @KayRic37 on what this horse was thinking. We think she can splurge on more than 2 carrots for this handsome cutie. "He's not just a good boy He's the BEST BOY Carrot AND an apple garcon!" added another user. Yes, throw in some apples too because apparently, he loves all the snacks.    

@GQuirple added, "Cuteness overload." The creator replied, "Try taking care of him ❤️overload every day!" Well, if she's offering, we'll gladly take care of this boy.