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Video of Horse Watching 'Mister Ed' While Mom Does Chores Is Simply the Best

Keeping our animals occupied while we get chores done can be a challenge because it can be difficult to focus when they're always underfoot or begging for attention. One woman could relate to this and found a genius way to keep her pet busy while she worked!

TikTok user @angel_appleton recently shared a video of her method of keeping her horse, Hogan, distracted while she did chores. In the video, Hogan is standing outside and sticking his head through an open window into the house. He is looking at the television, which is showing an episode of Mister Ed, a 1960s sitcom about a talking horse. Check out the video to see what Hogan thought about the show!

OMG, this is so cute and funny. We love that Hogan has a favorite show, and his mom is genius for figuring out a way for him to watch it while she gets chores done. This is some A+ horse parenting!

People in the comments are loving Hogan's interest in the show. @safeharborequinerescue said, "This should go VIRAL! I love this!" and @bellavalerie669 commented, "Oh my goodness... Hogan is so unbelievably awesome..." We've seen quite a few videos of dogs or cats watching television, but this is the first horse we've seen, and we can't get enough!

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Others were reminiscing about when they used to watch Mister Ed. @tammiehartman91 commented, "I watched Mister Ed when I was little and wished I had a talking horse." Another user, @susanjohnson188, said, "I used to watch that all the time! I think Hogan likes it. He may talk at any time!" We'll be curious to see if Hogan tries to imitate Mister Ed's talking!

The caption of the video says that Hogan stood there watching the show for over an hour, so we can tell he really enjoyed it. We love that this arrangement worked out so well for Hogan and his mom!

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