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Video of Horse Watching a Passing Airplane Is the Calm We All Need

A recent video from TikTok user @thewelshwizardofficial has us reevaluating all the times we've seen horses before and wondering, have we ever seen a horse truly look up into the sky? Most of the time they are looking in our direction, or down at the ground to eat. So what do you think goes through their mind while gazing above? 

This TikToker captured a stunning moment of her horse out on the pasture. Although we all know what a plane sounds like, this four-legged beauty was caught off guard. It was an unusual sound she hadn't heard before, which is why her head shot up to the sky. As the plane circles through the sky, her head followed. You can't see her eyes in the clip, but based on her tail movement, we'd say she was completely amazed. 

Aww, she couldn't stop staring! @smidge1809 wrote, "It's a sign of intelligence." Absolutely! The fact this horse can pinpoint the sound and follow the plane as it moves is so impressive! She was like a little kid who was watching a magic trick. Undivided attention with a million questions. "I'd love to know what she was thinking at that time!!" commented @ReturnStronger. You aren't the only one! 

TikTok users are taking guesses on what the horse was thinking. @TheSewingKraut suggested, "Huh....interesting...damn flies everywhere." LOL! That's probably the biggest fly she's ever seen! @schnickerfritz added, "Probably wishing he could fly too!" Don't we all?!

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And we have to mention her adorable tail moving while she was laser-focused on the plane. @novel_zombie said, "Her little thinking tail was so cute." Aww, a thinking tail?! We love that! Like we said before, we couldn't see her eyes to really grasp what was running through her mind, but thanks to the thinking tail, we could just tell she was loving it! 

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