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Horse's Sweet Gesture Toward Sick Owner Is Touching People's Hearts

The flu season is here and TikTok user @texashorsegirl, unfortunately, caught the virus. She was feeling pretty crappy, she wrote in a recent video. So she stayed in bed all bed, as most of us would do. But that, of course, concerned her horse. 

After not seeing this TikToker, her horse named Kylo must've known something was wrong. So he walked over to the window of the bedroom she was sleeping in. Apparently, he stayed right outside that window all day long. Aww! But there's more. Watch to see what happened when they opened the window for Kylo!  

Stop it! Our hearts are melting from this precious video. Kylo had to stick his head in the window to make sure momma was fine. So sweet! Isn't it absolutely amazing how animals can just sense that their owners aren't feeling well or that they're sad? They're always too good to us and this video is just another example of that.

"We don't deserve animals. What a sweet baby," said @sus.s13. We truly don't deserve all the love that they give us. But we'll still gladly accept it with open arms all day, every day! "Animals have such great intuition and this beautiful horse needed to comfort his mommy," added @tlamn1486. Kylo is the absolute best to check on his mom!

Another TikTok user, @gspschultzdoggo wrote, "Animals are amazing and have a great sense of compassion they are FAMILY." And if you ask us, they're the best part of every family! 


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