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Couple's Horseback Riding Trip in Jamaica Goes Horribly Wrong but We Can't Stop Laughing

Horseback riding on a gorgeous tropical island--yes, please! With crystal clear waters, fresh open air, and beautiful horses, what could possibly go wrong? Well, we're glad you asked. 

Honeymoon travel bloggers @honeymoonalways_ know exactly what can happen when horseback riding doesn't go to plan, and now all of TikTok knows, too. Honestly, we're so glad they posted this clip from their Jamaica trip! It may have been a bit of a stinky situation for this couple, but the rest of their travels as Honeymoon Always seem so unique and serene...and much cleaner. Thanks for taking one for the team, you two! 

They could not have chosen a more perfect audio pairing for this clip-- 'oh no' is right! We'd be positively losing it if this happened to us, so kudos to this group for keeping their cool. Still, it sounds like a lot of the commenters would've been grossed out like us!

"The caca floating nooooo 😭," wrote @love.dia3. Isn't it awful? Not only was it totally unplanned and impossible to avoid, but it definitely killed any cute, romantic, or sexy vibes. When @sweet_and_sadie, said, "add a little 💫Spice💫 😳😭," we don't think that's what they meant! 

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"😭😭 It wasn’t even the only time this happened," @honeymoonalways_ replied. "Just the one I caught on camera 😂." It's even worse than we thought! Once is bad enough, but if he was filming out of anticipation of the next explosive event, it sounds like a worse problem than we're even seeing here. @Honeymoonalawys_ kept the camera filming, though, and now we all got to witness this madness. Are we terrible for laughing just a little?

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