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Horses 'Adopt' Rescued Baby As Their Son and People Are Being Moved to Tears

A video online is sharing the incredible story of one young horse who has found a new pair of parents. Seeing this unlikely group become a family is just the the perfect bit of sunshine that we need to see today. And now their owner is explaining how this blended family came to be. 

The whole saga was later shared on the @ohkaytacos TikTok page. The skinny is this: two adults horses, Stardust and Big John have "adopted" a younger horse named Little John. And now they're one big happy family. 

"LJ was rescued at auction far too young," the video's text overlay explains. "He was only four months old. Thankfully Stardust and Big John immediately adopted him. They truly believe he is their son," it continues. Now Little John gets to grow up at a sanctuary in Charlottesville, Virginia with "the two best parents a horse could ask for!" 

We love a happy ending! And it seems like the over 98,000 people who watched the video do too. "Oh someone needs to write the book already!!!" @amywithbeautysociety wrote in the comments section. "I love when horses adopt. My mare adopted an orphaned yearling like she was her own," @hikristendobbs shared. "Omg ... I thought maybe she was pregnant, but this is even better! A chosen, rescued family! I'm sobbing," @heathercollier46 admitted. "How absolutely precious and betcha Big John never dreams of so much love surrounds him. Congratulations," @hleek61 agreed. 

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We know that Stardust and Big John are going to love LJ and give him so much care. Or as his owners jokingly wrote later in the caption, he's now "a perfect prince to the throne." 

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