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Video of Horses Happily Enjoying a Little Pool Time Is the Stuff of Summer Dreams

Pools are the perfect way to beat the summer heat, that's why pet owners are flocking to their local stores and Amazon to purchase inflatable or plastic pools to treat their four-legged besties. And when we say four-legged besties, we pretty much mean dogs because that's what we mostly see on TikTok. But TikTok user @kaylanicolejae is showing us that just about any animal will enjoy a dip in the pool! 

In her TikTok debut, this creator posted a video of how her horses reacted to an inflatable pool, and trust us, it's everything! The three horses are looking down at the pool. They're curious and nervous at the same time, sniffing the water. But one of the horses took a leap of faith, literally, and tested out the waters for them all. And based on the horse's reaction, this owner better purchase more pools because he's not going to share! 

Aww! As soon as he stepped in, he was in heaven and fully went under. That's a clear sign that says he LOVES the pool. LOL! And if you needed even more of a sign, he wouldn't get out to give the other horses a chance. Time to buy more pools!  

"Love the splashing he is having so much fun," said @ginabruno0. The splashing, the sitting down and relaxing. This horse knows exactly how to enjoy pool time! "He said, 'What no jets??? Fine, I'll make my own!'" wrote @Liz Schumacher. LOL! Next time they need to buy a jacuzzi and see how the horses react! 

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TikTok users are giving this pool manufacturer brilliant marketing ideas based on this clip. @simplykim2021 wrote, "Whomever the pool manufacturer is they should use this as a commercial to show how durable it is 👍🏻💕." Yes!! @painted_smiles added, "And say how it's 'perfect for horsing around.'" O.M.G. Sales would skyrocket! And well, who doesn't want to see more horses enjoying pool time?!

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