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Horse's Reaction to Seeing the Ocean for the First Time Is a Sight to Behold

One of the greatest joys of having an animal companion is experiencing the world through their eyes. What was once a mundane task becomes full of joy and curiosity, all thanks to a slightly new perspective. 

Horse trainer Juliette got to experience this firsthand when she brought her horse, Oitava, to the beach for the very first time. Luckily, she had a friend on-hand to film the mare's precious reaction, and she shared their fun beach day on her TikTok account--@jchorsetraining. Oitava definitely wasn't sure at first, but just look how comfortable she is by the end of their outing!

Aww! They both look like they're having the times of their lives once Oitava got used to her new surroundings. Just as several commenters said, Juliette's patience and gentle encouragement made a world of difference for her horse. "She trusts you!!" wrote @chris8ngel. "You have her space and time to become comfortable with her surroundings! You're a beautiful horse mumma." We couldn't agree more!

"She looks to you for so much guidance," @colouredfriesians added. "These kinds of relationships are exactly what ownership is about." Juliette must feel awesome seeing how her integrity and patience with Oitava are paying off. even with less than 20 rides under their belt, they're navigating all kinds of "firsts" together. 

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This gorgeous mare's breed might have something to do with her success at the beach, notes @ahorsenamedjiggy. "Lusitanos are absolutely stars," they commented. "[They] take everything in their stride, and [are] so brave and intelligent 🥰." It certainly seems that way! 

Still, we want to give so much kudos to both Juliette and Oitava for creating such a trustworthy bond. Luck has a little to do with it, too--some of the best-behaved animals are still a little wild! "My horse would have dumped me in the ocean and left me there 😂," wrote @raylen_hollis. LOL! Juliette must be glad her girl didn't act like that on the beach!

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