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Woman's Dedication to Rescuing Horses From Florida Flood Waters Reminds Us of the Power of Kindness

Every storm--even Hurricane Ian--has a silver lining, even if it could never make up for the fear, pain, and loss that are left in its wake. In this case, it's the generosity and dedication of mankind that's keeping spirits afloat. Amazing people like Nikki Duyn, who goes by @mrsduyn on TikTok, are working around the clock to rescue people and animals from the hurricane's floodwaters, and we couldn't be more grateful.

Nikki is a horse trainer and Florida native, but now she's a horse rescuer, too. She and her team deserve all the thanks in the world for helping these animals, though nothing will do justice to the selfless work they're doing.

It's devastating to see the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, but seeing these rescues brings us so much hope as well. We can't imagine how relieved those animals and their owners must feel, though! 

"Thank you guys so much," shared commenter @joanieeve. "People don’t understand that animals have emotions and feelings. They are so scared right now." We wish we could comfort them all! Living through a hurricane is scary enough as it is--imagine not being able to get yourself out of danger! 

Viewer @kodie.agnew could totally relate since they lived through a similar experience. They shared: "I remember when we had flooding in my town and we had to get the horses one by one onto a small boat and it took all day even through the night to get them out." We can't imagine! 

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