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Video of Horses Excitedly Running to Greet Little Boy Is Everything

A little boy is spreading joy on TikTok, thanks to a video of him and a group of horses. The footage, later shared by the boy's mother Kelly Messens (@mrspaulmessens), showed the herd excitedly running over to greet the little guy during a recent visit. And we don't know about you, but it's pretty much the cutest thing we've ever seen.

Messens' video has been watched a whopping 757,000 times, which means it's a hit. The clip shows Messens' young son standing on the outskirts of a fenced-in enclosure. Before he knew it, the three horses who lived on the property came bounding over. It's like they couldn't wait to catch up with him! Messens set the video to Tim McGraw's "The Cowboy in Me," making this perfectly primed to induce tears. And look at what happens when the horses finally get close!

All over the comments section, people were captivated by the boy's special bond with the animals. "Wow, how cute. They know each other very well. How much love," @edith_rodriguez0715 wrote. "Oh my the tears that just brought to my eyes. How adorable," @shelby__dobbs added. "Stop!!! They love him. Beautiful video I felt emotional," @hillythelion agreed. "Way to soak in those blessings. This wins the internet for me today," @neeneewil commented. 

Later on Messens' page, she explained that the horses live nearby and that she and her son visit them "daily" — which probably explains why they were so happy to see him. Additionally, another video on the mom's page shows a second trip they made to see the horses. 

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What could be more special than a boy growing up with animals. We just know he's going to remember these moments for the rest of his life.

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