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Horses' Greetings for Mom After Being Apart Are Just So Beautiful

We've all seen what it's like to come home to an excited dog, whether in the movies or from our own experience, but we nearly never hear about a reunion with horses. Yep--that's totally a thing! Horses show excitement in the sweetest ways, as long as you know what to look for.

When horse trainer Claire, who goes by @allaboutthehorse on TikTok, saw her equine friends after a week away, their 'welcome back' was just too sweet. We wish we could be greeted like this!

How precious! These horses are super excited to be reunited with Claire, and we can't get enough. Neither can any of the other commenters!

"Wow what a homecoming that is," agreed @karenswanson88. It's a whole parade of hellos! This magical moment would be just as sweet if it were one horse running up to see their mama, but the fact that it's a whole herd is just amazing. It's such a stunning sight to see! @Pumpkinscoffeelove thought it was "so beautiful," and we couldn't agree more. 

"This... it's like a fairytale ✨️," added @lisalee168. Like a scene from a movie! The dramatic music and picturesque landscape just add to the magic. Maybe Claire will need to get into the cinematography business! 

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