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Horse's Huge Chiropractic Adjustment Has Us Intrigued and Satisfied

If you enjoy oddly satisfying videos, you have to see this! Equestrian chiropractor (yes, you read that correctly) and TikTok user @dr_mike_adney went viral yet again for one of his equine adjustments, and we've been watching on repeat. We had no idea horses could even receive chiropractic adjustments!

The cool and calm horse is visibly satisfied after the adjustment, which makes the video ten times better, in our opinion. From the commenters to Dr. Mike himself--everyone finds it satisfying!

OMG, yes. That adjustment was amazing to watch and to hear, but that horse's look of relief was everything. It was satisfying through and through. Just like commenter @lisabuckley8 wrote, "it's like you feel it too." We're glad we weren't the only ones!

Of course, everyone's favorite detail was the horse's reaction--it was just too good to ignore! @Thedigitaldeathstargz said "he started tasting the rainbow," and we're totally laughing out loud at that one. So that's what all that licking and chewing was about! @Anna__borshin added, "my dude's legs started shaking," and now we can't see anything else. What a big difference a small detail can make! Whether it's the legs or the lips that capture the viewers' hearts, though, one thing is for sure: Dr. Mike is doing an awesome job. 

"So is this horsetok or doctok? Is there a horsedoctok? Is that where I am now?" LMAO! We got a kick out of @care.care1's remark, and we thought you would, too. Everything about this scene is just so great!

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