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Horses' Reaction to Hearing the Races Going on Is Just Too Cute

If you've ever wondered about the lives of racing horses when they're not in motion, then you need to check out Robyn Klaasen's TikTok page @bts_horseracing. The social media star often gives sneak peeks behind the scenes of racing — including a recent video of her horses in their stalls during a race. And the results are so funny.

The short but sweet video shows several of Klaasen's horses hanging out in their stalls and resting. When all of the sudden they hear a race nearby starting. Cue the hilarity.

The horses get into position and start to whinny. They totally think they're at the starting line! "When they hear the races going on," the video's caption states. 

Over 227,000 people tuned in to watch the horses' honest mistake. "When it runs in your veins you can't help it," @ola_its_me_again joked in the comments section. "They’re like 'WAIT, I’m not even DRESSED yet,'" athomps532 teased. "The way nearly all of them down the line leaned their heads forward when they heard the start too," @son_of_crow pointed out. "They way they ALL vocally complain when they can't join," quipped. 

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Although one commenter was a little apprehensive to cheer the horses on. "Love this! I'm not too happy about horse racing, but this makes me feel a whole lot better about it," @krdk__30 commented. 

However, Klaasen assured them that her horses were well-loved. "This page has been created specifically to inform the public about the behind the scenes of racing. Many people have misconceptions about it," she wrote.

 "I love my horses and treat them very well!!" she continued. "And so do all the people I am surrounded by."

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