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Video Proving Just How Sensitive Horses Are Warms Our Hearts

We've heard before how special horses are. They're gentle, very intelligent beauties. And oftentimes, people talk about how horses typically have a stronger connection than one might realize. Horses can feel what we're feeling. That's what makes them so special. Don't believe us? Check out this horse singer and Nashville songwriter who is proving just how in tune horses are. 

TikTok user @horsesingerchelsey recently posted a video to prove that horses are sensitive and feeling creatures. Her entire TikTok feed is filled with videos like this and it's truly so beautiful. In this particular clip, she was standing in the middle of an enclosed area, instructing her horse to run around the perimeter. But as soon as she starts singing, the horse instantly changes its course. You'll believe that these animals can feel everything from this one single video! 

Be still our hearts! Wow! Not only were we amazed at this horse's reaction, but we're also feeling so much calmer after watching this clip. This woman has such a beautiful voice. It's no wonder the horse stopped instantly. As @Jessidragracing said, "I see why he stopped and went toward you. You have an absolutely beautiful voice." Anyone would stop in their tracks when hearing a voice like hers! 

Another TikTok user, @JackieMarie, added, "I'm amazed every time I see their reactions to your singing." How can you not be?! We would've never thought such a giant animal could be swayed by the voice of a human. It's like the horse was mesmerized. But that's the power of music! @jeep2sand wrote, "Music calms us all when we need it." And well, it's the power the horses have. They really do feel everything! 

Now, do we test our luck with our singing voice? "That's great but if I sang the horse probably try to kick my lights out. 😂," commented @Lexie McPherson. LOL! This would absolutely happen to us so we'll leave the singing to her!