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Video of Horses Reuniting With Mom After Being Trapped Due to Flooding Is So Touching

Video of a pair of horses walking to safety after a flood had them trapped for days has people captivated online. The footage, which was shared by Michele McLaughlin (@pickettpaints), shows Hustler and Moon getting called home by their mom after the flood waters finally cleared. And we think we speak for everyone when we say that it was a huge relief.

The footage shows the two Tobiano horses on one side of a creek, as their mom tries to get their attention. “They’ve been stuck across the creek for three days because of flooding,” she wrote in the video’s onscreen text. “Come on, boys! Come on, babies!” she calls in the video, before whistling to get them to come close. “Calling my boys back home. Trust is powerful,” she wrote in the video’s caption. People are so moved by this amazing interaction.

How wonderful that they finally made it back across! To say that people in the comments section were impressed is an understatement. “So glad they came back to you, they really have a great bond with you,” @cowgirlchicks wrote. “A little bit of encouragement from Momma can make all the difference,” @ranapettit added. “I’ll bet you were worried about them for those three days. It looks like they were ready to come home,” @thecoffeecowgirl agreed.

Later in the thread, one commenter asked if McLaughlin was able to feed her horses while they were trapped. But the TikTok creator explained that she “knew they weren’t starving.”

“They did have a lot of grass, but they’re also used to their feedings twice a day. They’re rather spoiled,” she wrote. She also explained that in the 20 years that she’s lived near the creek, the water has only risen one other time. “Usually, they stay on this side at night,” she wrote. 

This is good news for all of us. At least we don’t have to worry too much that this will ever happen again!