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Dog Who's Been at Houston Shelter for 150 Days Is Waiting for His 'Lucky Day'

A Houston-based animal shelter, known on TikTok as @specialpalshouston, is hoping a video will reach the right eyes for one of their doggos. It's been way too long for this special dog in the shelter. He needs a new home and he needs it now. 

Meet Kristoff. This almost 7-month-old doggo has been in the Special Pals Houston shelter for 150 days. Ugh, our hearts are breaking. By sharing this clip, the employees are hoping Kristoff's future family will see him and bring him home. He's been waiting on his lucky day for too long. Let's help him find his forever home! 

Aww, what a sweet boy! You can tell he has so much love to give with all that tail-wagging. He really just wants a forever human to play fetch with him and smother him with snuggles. There's got to be someone who wants that with Kristoff!

"Someone adopt this baby," wrote @Splash1307. Adopt this baby right now! Who wouldn't want this adorable angel in their home? We just know he'd be the goodest boy. And imagine all the cuddles. @iidigyourcinema added, "What a cutie!!!!!" Right?! Not only is this dog the cutest thing, but he's also just so happy. We bet he'd wake you up every day with a big fat smile on his face. 

If you're interested in welcoming home Kristoff and bringing him into your family, please check out the Special Pals website for more information on adoption. Let's get him home ASAP! 


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